Whether you're looking for a place to celebrate your family's simcha, Tot Shabbat service, holiday festivities, a way for your child to connect to Judaism, or for new friends, Northbrook Community Synagogue has tons to offer!

When it comes to weekly Shabbat services, we've got options! Tot  Shabbat  incorporates song, storytelling and play, and is fun for young ones and their parents or grandparents, too! Junior congregation caters toward our more independent elementary school-age children with Hebrew prayer service and Torah discussion. If sitting with your family in traditional  services, is your thing, we'd love to have you there too! Kids are always welcome. After services,  we hope you join us in enjoying Shabbat Kid-dish, a lunchtime meal and  games!

We have monthly themed young-family Friday nights including services, kid- and allergen- friendly dinners, and fun activities like our annual sleep under Pajama Shabbat, Scavenger Hunt, Super Shabbat, I Spy Shabbat, and more!

Holidays and ancient traditions come alive at our Sukkah Spectacular, Channukah Bash, and Lag B'Omer Bonfire Night. Or join us for a sweet treat baking Hamantaschen for Purim or for our Sundaes in the Park on Shavuot.