The Jewish Youth Connection (JYC) Hebrew School at Northbrook Community Synagogue combines tutoring, small-group sessions, and community learning in order to create an environment for each student to best achieve academic success while fostering spiritual growth, enabling each student to thrive.

Our students master Hebrew reading one step at a time, from letter recognition and Hebrew decoding, through learning key root words that allow learners to read more fluently, to decipher meaning more independently, and to better understand texts.

Engaging with Jewish holidays, culture, ritual and values through creative hands-on experiences allows students to explore these traditions in new ways, to think about them, and to make them their own. Each lesson incorporates key Hebrew words and sources to reinforce critical skills and to facilitate deep, life-long connections with Judaism.

Our individualized lesson plans and small-group learning structure facilitates learning for students of all levels of experience. At the same time, our flexible scheduling makes your child’s learning more convenient for you!