Prayer Service Times            

This Sunday is Tisha B'Av observed. Services and Important times are listed below:

                     Saturday,  July 21st -  Fast Begins                           - 8:21pm
                                                                        Maariv/Megillat Eichah - 9:45pm

                     Sunday, July 22nd -    Shacharis                              - 9:00am
                                                                         Mincha/Maariv                    - 7:30pm

                                                                         Fast Ends                              - 9:01pm

Weekday Morning Minyan (Beit Midrash) -
Followed daily by catered breakfast and shmooze.

     Monday thru Friday

                    Shachris 7:15am-8:00am

                    Mincha/Maariv Upon Request

Shabbos Services (Main Sanctuary) - 
Followed by weekly catered kiddush.


                    Shachris 9am-11:45am

                    Mincha (Winter Only) 1:15pm

                    Mincha/Maariv Upon Request

Sunday and Federal Holiday Services (Beit Midrash) -
Followed by catered breakfast and shmooze.

     Sunday & Federal Holidays

                    Shacharis 9am-10:15am

                    Mincha Maariv Upon Request